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Custom Module:
Author Aarón González Iglesias
Type Controller
Style Wired/Perfboard
Complexity Easy

Low power speaker built on top of a perforated board, so I can change wires easily or connect it to a Main Board without wires (see this and this).

Electronic circuit

Bill of materials:

  • 1x Low power speaker, usually piezoelectric
  • 3x Straight male headers (usually sold as 40-pin strips)

If you build a cable:

  • 6x Straight female headers (usually sold as 40-pin strips)
  • Some thin wire
  • Some heat shrink tubing

See also: No-Wires Module Adapter A and B


AO-SPK-Perfboard AO-SPK-Perfboard


You can test this module using the same source code as AO-SPK.

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