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Applications are full devices built using Curuxa Main Boards and Modules. They may also be using custom Main Boards and Modules, and usually include schematics, pictures, source code, diagrams, bills of materials...

These Applications have been built by the community of users, they are not part of Curuxa official releases, but they all have been made available under free licenses on this website.

Electrooculograph Electrooculograph

Detects in which direction a person is looking to using an MBP18, one SISW-SPST, two LTIND-A, one AO-SPK and a simple module specially designed for this application.

Manu-fakture Manu-fakture

Line follower and speedster robot using an MBP18, one MC2A and six SIBW-1Y on top of an aluminium chassis.

Beltrán's POV Beltrán's POV

Simple Persistence-of-Vision display using a Main Board, seven LTIND-A and four SISW-SPST.

Octapas Octapas

Robot for testing purposes and robotics championships.


Octopod robot built using K'NEX.

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