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You can freely publish any project on Curuxa Community Site, but you are subject to the following conditions:

  • Your project must use at least one Curuxa Main Board or Module
  • You must hold the rights to the text, images, videos and source code you are publishing
  • The entire project has to be published on this website
    • You can also publish the entire project on another website if you wish
    • You can't just write an introduction and link to another website where more information can be found. All relevant information must be available at Curuxa Community
    • If you are working on a big project divided into multiple sections, but only one section is using Curuxa, you can publish the entire project here, or you can also publish here just the part using Curuxa and link to the rest of the project elsewhere
  • The contents you provide will be publicly available under open licenses
  • Your project name can't be the same as any Curuxa Main Board or Module

If you have any doubt, please, contact us.

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