Double SIBW

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Custom Module:
Double SIBW
Author Aarón González Iglesias
Type Sensor
Style Wired+Perfboard
Complexity Easy

Based on the original SIBW-1Y black/white sensor, this Module has two sensors soldered to a single perforated board.

This Module takes some more time to build than the original SIBW-1Y, but it is much easier to fix or screw to a chassis.

Both sensors are connected to a Main Board using the standard data connector.

Electronic circuit

Bill of materials:

  • A small piece of perforated board
  • 2x CNY70 reflectivity sensor (see its datasheet)
  • 2x 18k 1/4W resistor
  • 2x 220 1/4W resistor
  • 6x Straight female headers (usually sold as 40-pin strips)
  • Some thin wire
  • Some heat shrink tubing

SIBW-1Y schematic. This circuit has two of them.

Wiring and explanation about how it works can be found in the official SIBW-1Y page.


Double SIBW Double SIBW


You can test this module using the SIBW-1Y test code.

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