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Custom Module:
Author Aarón González Iglesias
Type Controller
Style Wired/Perfboard
Complexity Easy

Four 5mm square/flat LEDs placed on a single perforated board. Resistors included.

Electronic circuit

Bill of materials:

  • Perforated board of at least 6x5 holes. Individual pads, not copper strips
  • 4x 5mm square/flat LEDs
  • 1x 470Ω, four-resistor array
  • 8x Straight male headers (usually sold as 40-pin strips)
  • A couple of straight female headers (depending on how you build the cable)
  • Some thin wire
  • Some heat shrink tubing

Each LED will light when the microcontroller data pin is set as a digital output at logic "1".

Each LED will not light when the data pin is set at a logic "0", or when it's working as a digital or analog input.

You can use the LED colors you want.

You might want to change the value of the resistor array, depending on the LED type and brightness you want.


This Module hasn't been built using the standard data connector. Instead, there are only two male headers/pins per LED. The pin closer to each LED is the data pin, which should be connected to a digital output on the microcontroller. The row of pins further away from the LEDs are all connected to each other being the ground track. You must link at least one of these ground pins to your Main Board ground.


LTIND-FourSquare LTIND-FourSquare


You can test this Module using LTIND-A source code. It just works like four LTIND-A connected to four different pins at the same time.

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