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Curuxa Modules are electronic devices or circuits designed for being connected to a Main Board and give it a specific functionality. Examples include switches, LEDs, distance meters, motor controllers, remote control receivers, USB transceivers, color sensors, tactile switches, voltage regulators, speakers...

All Modules can be connected to almost any Main Board (as long as there are enough input/outputs available), but some Modules require to be connected to "special" features of the microcontroller, such as ADC, UART, I2C, SPI...

These custom Modules have been built by the community of users, they are not part of Curuxa official releases, but they all have been made available under free licenses on this website. You may also be interested in the official Curuxa Modules.

InstruAmp InstruAmp

Instrumentation amplifier. It takes a differential input voltage and amplifies it by a factor defined by a single resistor which can then be easily read from a microcontroller using its analog-to-digital converter.


DC to DC power regulator, 5V output, max 1A.

LTIND-FourSquare LTIND-FourSquare

Four 5mm square/flat LEDs placed on a single perforated board.

Double SIBW Double SIBW

Two SIBW-1Y (reflectivity or black/white sensors) placed on a single perforated board.

AO-SPK-Perfboard AO-SPK-Perfboard

Low power speaker built on a perforated board.

No-Wires Module Adapter A No-Wires Module Adapter A

Simple adapter to connect some Modules to a Main Board with no wires.

No-Wires Module Adapter B No-Wires Module Adapter B

Another simple adapter to connect some Modules to a Main Board with no wires.

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